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Cabell Gallery of Virginia Art

Good Art Makes a Good Home


you must see April's featured artist!

The Cabell Gallery is proud to present, nationally known artist, Kathie Odom.

Kathie Odom has quickly risen the ranks of emerging artists. Every year she wins more and more awards and honors from all over the country. She has found a way to capture the magic and beauty that she sees everywhere, even where others don't. Come see her new collection, a dozen never before seen paintings.

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This solo show will be on display throughout the month of April.

Make sure you see it before it's gone!

          Click image below to see examples of Kathie's new work.

Kathie's work is as distinctive as it is down to earth. She calls what she does "nostalgic impressionism" and she is correct. It is hard to look at Kathie's paintings without feeling that vague sense of nostalgia. 
There is something that draws out a wistful feeling when you see the most mundane view captured with love and honesty. I once heard someone look at her art and say, "She makes ugly, pretty!" Although I understand what he was saying, I disagree. She doesn't turn ugly to pretty, she shows us how the simple things we overlooked were pretty all along.



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The Cabell Gallery focuses on fine art from regional contemporary artists, both emerging and established.

We have a variety of original oil paintings, watercolor and pastel, along with clay works, blown glass, jewelry, furniture and other artistic objects.

Please browse the Artist section of our website and see the work that we currently have in our gallery. Of course every effort is made to keep the website current, but we do have constant change in our gallery. Visiting in person will give you the most complete view of our selections.


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